Hermès Mini Dog Bracelet Collection



If you think you’ve exhausted Hermès when it comes to his Bracelets, think again. Feast your eyes on the newMinidogcollection, a collection of miniature leather Bracelets that come finished in a variety of shapes. For starters, there are the smooth leather ones (Mini Dog Anneaux, center row) that come in 4 sizes and are gold or palladium plated.

Next we have theMini Clous Ronds Dog(the ones with the rounded studs) that come, well, embellished with rounded studs. Last but not least, check out the first row that comes with perforated Bracelets (Mini Dog Perforations Carrées), and like the first two, they also come in 4 sizes. Priced at£390,£370and£280respectively, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the one that best suits your #doll party.

Oh, and for those who prefer Bracelets with a little more “meat” on the wrist, some styles also come in double-path variations. Decisions, decisions, right?

Image: Hermès