Hermès: For the good things in life



The Parisian luxury house we all know and love isn’t just about luxurious leather goods and perfectly shaped orange boxes. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a total fan of the latter, but what I’m trying to highlight is the fact that Hermès has an even wider range of items in their line that includes gorgeous Jewelry in full gold, some even embellished. with diamonds. Case in point? Your favorite leatherNecklace de ChienThe Bracelet has an all-gold version (yes, the leather strap is all-gold), with slimmer alternatives that you can slide and stack on your wrist.

Now, before you google in disbelief (that’s right), turn your attention to the Hermès signatureChaine d’Ancre, which is also the topic of today’s post. An iconic house shape and said to be inspired by anchors and ships, the Chaine d’AncreIt’s found on a host of Hermès products, including Bracelets, Necklaces, and even as an imprint on dinnerware plates, with roots stretching back to the 1930s (yes, before you and I were even born). Fast forward to 2017, theChaine d’Ancrehas evolved further with theChaine d’Ancre Punk similar to that of a humble safety pin, but with the eclectic touch of Hermès. Said twist can be found in uniquely shaped Jewelry pieces that range from modest sterling silver pieces, to those that come in precious materials like gold and diamonds, that are perfect for people looking for the finer things in life. life.

There is no better way to sum up our favoriteChaine d’Ancre Punkpieces that you assemble together in the shape of a snow angel, which you see above. Decrypting theSnow Angelit is simple. To begin with, both sides of the wings have the exact same piece, that is, theChaine d’Ancre Fringed Broochthat is made in White gold and set with diamonds all around. The body of the angel? Well, that’s part ofChaine d’Ancre Punknecklace that comes in rose gold with even more diamonds. As for the head and halo, they are essentiallyChaine d’Ancre-Shaped pieces that also double as a scarf ring or attach to your favorite bag as a cute charm.

Gorgeous doesn’t quite describe these solid pieces of jewelry from Hermès, which continues to push the boundaries further, appealing to those who seek the precious things in life. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I mean, wrap up the gold and diamond jewelryChaine d’Ancre Punkpieces in a beautiful Hermès box and take them home with you. It will be more than a best friend. It will be your truest love for life.

Image: @walnutcrust for Bagaholicboy