Hermès Collier de Chien & Evelyne bracelets



At Hermèsthere are many delights to be reckoned with. Spring-Summer 2020collection, several of which have already hit boutiques or appeared online in recent months. Remember theGiant Braceletand theHeart-shaped pocket square? Well, both are part of the same collection and are in limited quantities and sizes, or have already sold out for now. Others likeBraceletThe photo above hasn’t arrived yet, but there’s honestly nothing wrong with taking a trip to the boutiques to signal your interest first.

The Bracelets will be available in numerous colors for you to choose from, they come in brushed aluminum which translates to a lower price when compared to similar versions in gold or sterling silver. TheCollier de Chien Braceletis equipped with 4Medorstuds and a movable ring in the middle, while theEvelyne Braceletis identified by the perforation of the houseH, a detail similar to those found on the bag of the same name.

You can expect exciting colors likeJaune Soleil(yellow),Deep Black(black),Orange TropicandBlush H(the classic Hermès red), all of which are deep, rich shades that are created using a special technique at the French luxury brand. Each Bracelet is lightweight in nature and will sit nicely on your wrist, and no one will hold you back if you love to stack one on top of the other. TheCollier de Chien BraceletandEvelyne Braceletare priced at1050 SGDandS$680respectively and will be available in sizes ranging fromT1toT3.