Hermès Two-Tone Kelly Double Tour Bracelet



Now that you’re almost ready to hit the streets next weekend (albeit with a little caution and safe distancing), you might want to consider buying some new wrist candy to complete your look, especially if you haven’t been out much. purchases in the last few months. And you can always count on the good folks at Hermès to keep you covered, especially with the eclectic bicolorKelly’s double haul(KDT) wristbands that are now available in select color combinations online.

You are definitely used to the classic KDT that usually comes in a single color leather likeEtoupeandBlackpaired withGW,PHWorRGHW. Some of you have chosen to combine two Bracelets at once for a color mix, which is probably why Hermès introduced the relatively new bi-color versions that feature two different shades on a single KDT. This saves you the need to stack two Bracelets (which might seem too chunky to some), and the icing on the cake is the fact that they’re about the same price as the single-tone ones.

You can find them atBlush H/Rose D’étéandOrange/Rose D’étéforGW, whileCream/LimeandOrange/Rose D’étéwill be available forPHW. Priced atS$790each, you can find them online here and here. And if you need more help and information (such as clarity on the size guide), you can also call the hotline6933-3222To discover more.