Chaumet Liens Seduction: Decoding the knot



The extensivede Chaumet SeizuresThe collection has been a key house code since its debut in 1970. JoiningEvidence of liens,Liens D’AmourandJeux De Liensis a completely new collection known asLien Seduction, easily identifiable by an elegant knot that is more or less the design of this line. Now this knotted element is more than just for aesthetic design purposes. In fact, it Represents much more than just being that eye-catching asymmetric motif, as it contains key elements that will be decoded for you here today.

On the one hand, it imitates the knot of a ribbon, which unwinds and joins with a touch. A universal expression of love, this knotted symbol represents the love between two passionate people coming together, deeply connected as a pledge of everlasting devotion.


AllLien SeductionThe collection comes in 18K White or rose gold, and some of the designs are even set with brilliant-cut diamonds for that extra touch of sparkle and sophistication. The key number to watch out for is 16, and the line extends beyond Rings to also include Bracelets, Earrings, earRings, and pendants, which together make for a pretty solid fine Jewelry collection.


And if you look closely at the pieces, you will notice an asymmetrical silhouette. In other words, it’s also a reminder that love isn’t always perfect, but rather how two people come together to make it work in the form of an everlasting knot. Now available at the Chaumet boutiques at ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands, head down and experience the knot. A knot that never comes loose, a knot that unites and a knot that represents the eternal love that isLien Seduction.

Image: @admgng for Bagaholicboy & Chaumet