Céline Alphabet Charms



The fashion world clearly loves the timeless alphabet, with multiple brands reworking it into various Charms and Accessories in recent years. Chloé, Fendi and Louis Vuitton are a few of them, to name a few, and now fresh out of theirWinter 2017collection is Céline and her interpretation of the alphabets in the form of bold brass charms that look like little twigs of wood.

What is unique about these alphabet charms is their natural and organic appeal, the slightly imperfect joints, the rough textured finish, and the versatility to be attached to a chain, cotton jersey, or even zipper pulls for that unique touch.

There’s also just something about these alphabet charms (SGD750each) that gives us the holiday vibes, which would make them apt as gifts with gift-giving season just around the corner. . In other words, head over early to take a look, have fun putting your name together, or better yet, wrap them all up and take them home for you and your loved ones.

Image: Celine