#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 10 icons to give away from Cartier



Some of you have submitted questions requesting great gift ideas beyond1000 SGD, either for you or for yours, because, well, Christmas is coming. And because no one ever says ‘no’ to anything that comes in that classic red box, here’s a rundown of the most iconic gifts Cartier has to offer right now.

Starting withEcrou de Cartier ring(SGD3050) in 18k yellow gold, from one of the Parisian luxury brand’s latest Jewelry ranges that is all about studs (this one comes with 5) that they cover the circular bolt-shaped ring. Only one screw is fixed, while the others are fully movable, which means you can play with the others whenever you want.

Then something that is also hardware related would beBracelet Juste Un Clou(SGD9350) in 18 karat rose gold that needs no introduction. Speaking of iconic, theLove Bracelet(SGD5600) is another family favorite, Represented bySMsize that is slightly slimmer and perfect for stacking with other Bracelets.

Here’s something fierce and fabulous fromPanthère de Cartierrange, these Earrings (SGD 10,400) in 18K yellow gold are absolute eye-catchers. And if you are looking for a classic watch to complete the look, how about theMedium Panthère de Cartier watch(11,200 SGD)? Measuring 37mm by 27mm, this watch comes in the perfect combination of 18k yellow gold and steel that is as much a watch as it is a piece of fine jewelry.

Moving on to a series of classic pieces for men, beginning with theSantos de Cartier Cufflinks(SGD620) in sterling silver with a palladium finish featuring the collection’s iconic 8-screw motif. The reference watch for men should beSantos de Cartier watch(SGD9450), especially the one inLargeshowing the date instead of the ‘VI’ position. Renewed earlier this year withSmart Linkresizing system andQuick Changeinterchangeability system, this is a piece that allows you to switch between watch straps with ease. Complete your look with theSantos de Cartier necklace(SGD 11,000) in 18k White gold, one featuring a modest interlocking chain link design that is as classic as it comes.

Rounding the selection would be theLove ring(SGD2420) andEcrou de Cartier Bracelet(SGD9750), both in 18-carat white gold. All classics, all Cartier and perfect for Christmas.